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Mr. Fred Little started Venango Awning on March 23, 1946 and the company got its name from the region it originally served in Venango County, Pennsylvania. Mr. William Brandon acquired Venango Awning in 1963 after Mr. Little died. Mr. Brandon continued to operate the awning business in Venango County from 1963 until 1993. In July of 1993, Sherry and Monty Knepshield applied their 25 years’ experience in the awning industry and purchased Venango Awning as Mr. Brandon was ready to retire.

Monty gained his vast experience designing, installing, and serving customers while working for a former competitor. Mr. Knepshield’s mission was to offer a very high quality and well-designed product at a more competitive price than other awning companies would charge. Although the name remained the same, the business eventually moved to the Knepshield’s basement, building awnings on a pool table.

Monty’s devotion to delivering value and his perseverance paid off. The business grew from the basement to a 2 car garage, then to a new pole building, and finally filled a large commercial building that housed offices, layout space, cutting and sewing areas, metal frame fabrication, washing, and offseason awning storage. Monty, Sherry, and their longtime devoted employees enjoyed success and saw their business grow while maintaining close personal relationships with residential and commercial customers.

Like Mr. Brandon, Monty was ready to retire in 2017 and the business was purchased by Mike Manning. Mike has operated other industrial manufacturing and service businesses and also worked for large engineering companies before coming back to manufacturing. Venango Awning, LLC will continue the tradition that has been the hallmark for more than 70 years – customer service, value, and manufacturing a quality product everyone is proud to own. Venango Awning, LLC continues to operate at the same location the Knepshields have for 25 years and will continue to cater to the same customer base it has for years.

While Venango Awning has traditionally concentrated on a geographic region of Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Cranberry Township, Wexford, Monroeville, Murrysville, Indiana, Greensburg, and the north suburbs along the Allegheny River, Venango Awning, LLC now serves the entire Pittsburgh and tristate region with design, manufacturing, service, and storage in the Vandergrift/Apollo, PA area and additional service crews in the remaining areas of Pittsburgh and the tristate area with a South Hills service and storage facility in Bethel Park, PA. In addition to the Pittsburgh area, Venango Awning, LLC can now serve you in Morgantown, WV, Youngstown, OH, Altoona, PA and all of western Pennsylvania.

On behalf of Mr. Little, Mr. Brandon, the Knepshield’s, and the current employees of Venango Awning, LLC, we thank all of our customers for their trust and support since 1946.


In January 2019, Venango Awning, LLC will be moving our administrative and manufacturing operations to a new location offering improved access for our customers and providing more room for manufacturing and servicing your awnings. Our new location is located in North Apollo, PA right on the heavily traveled Route 66 at the corner of Route 66 and 18th Street. We will continue to service customers from our North Apollo, PA and Bethel Park, PA locations.