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Awning Take-Down

Venango Awning carefully takes down awnings each fall for hundred of our customers during the week they choose. If the awnings have moisture in them, we hand them in a heated building to ensure they are dry before storing them for the winter. The storage fee is included in the take-down and put-up costs. If we see anything that needs repaired, we note it and contact you with an estimated cost to repair. If you are interested in having your awning cleaned, please inform us prior to your scheduled awning take-down.

Venango Awning takes down your awning during the week you choose at no additional charge. Our competitors charge you extra for specific dates.

Awning Storage

Venango Awning has 3 heated buildings to store your awning for the winter. Free storage is included with your fall take-down and spring put-up service. While your awning is in our buildings, we can clean or repair your awning to have it ready for put-up in the spring.

Awning Put-Up

Venango Awning puts up your awning in the spring during the week you choose at no additional charge. Our competitors charge you extra for specific dates.

Awning Repairs & Restoration

Venango Awning can extend the life of your awning saving you money by repairing your awning. Don’t live with ugly fraying awnings or awning hardware that doesn’t work. We can fix any of it. Our craftspeople have decades of experience building and repairing awnings and can restore your awning. We can reinforce or protect your awning if you have an area that sees extraordinary wear.

Awning Cleaning

Venango Awning uses targeted techniques to clean your awning and restore its appearance. We follow the fabric manufacturer’s specific instructions for washing and removing stubborn stains or organic growth. We take care to maintain the size, shape, and weave of your fabric.

If you live near a heavily traveled road, have trees near your awning, are located in a shady area or your awning faces north, we know what to do to bring your awning back to life.

Service Packages

– Prepaid annual service packages

– Prepaid maintenance packages

– Take-down, put-up, wash, and maintenance package

– Storage care

– Wind package